Avalon Manor Dredging Project – A Call To Arms!

We need your help, your voice and most importantly your presence at an upcoming Middle Township Planning Committee Working Session to be held 4:00 pm, Monday, April 15th 2013 at 33 Mechanic Street in Cape May Court House. If we don’t act now the opportunity to get our waterways dredged will slip away! Please read further to find out how your efforts will benefit you and your family for many years to come.

On March 17, Avalon Manor resident Tom Dwyer organized a meeting with about 20 residents and Middle Township’s Deputy Mayor, Timothy Donohue, to discuss the upcoming dredging initiative in Avalon. As many of you will remember back in 2007-2008 Middle Township was working actively with Avalon Borough to combine dredging projects based on both communities needs and to share resources and reduce cost. That collaboration started in 2004 and was still ongoing into 2010. It was around that period of time when the township ceased it’s communication with Avalon Manor. In the past 3 years, Avalon Borough has pushed on and completed the engineering requirements, addressed funding and is now preparing to apply for permits without including Avalon Manor. As many of you know, the spoils site is only hundreds of yards away from Avalon Manor and actually sits in Middle Township just off Avalon Boulevard. The spoils site will need to be offloaded to make room for the new spoils and to do that a TEMPORARY Road will be constructed. That is slated to start in approximately one year. It will be in place for approximately 1 year and then removed. Once removed, it will be 10-20 years before that site can be accessed again. I’m sure you’ll agree that we can’t wait that long.

We still have time to act!! A committee has been initiated (additional volunteers needed and welcomed) with the purpose of working to re-open the collaboration between Middle and Avalon Borough. The committee has met with an environmental planner who has a great deal of experience with these issues throughout Southern NJ. She has confirmed that if we act with swift action and strong commitment (in the project), we can be in a position to dredge alongside Avalon Borough. As you know Sterbeck Harbor, Leonard’s Lane Thoroughfare and the South Channel along Old Avalon Boulevard are all in dire need of dredging. The viability of our waterways has a direct correlation to all of Avalon Manor’s home values, and quality of life, whether waterfront or not.

The purpose of this first correspondence is to notify you that, as stated above, on Monday April 15th at 4 PM, we have been invited to meet with and present our position to the Middle Township board at their working session located at 33 Mechanic Street in Cape May Court House. It is critical that Avalon Manor’s presence at this meeting be dramatic!! Our association needs you to act! We know that this time and date will be difficult for many, but as property owners, YOU NEED TO BE THERE. Please consider adjusting your schedule to attend the meeting with your spouse if possible. As a gesture of appreciation, all attendees will receive a coupon for a FREE Avalon Manor pancake breakfast this summer!

If you would like to participate actively please contact one of the individuals listed below. In addition, we will be launching a brand new Avalon Manor website with additional details. The website address is Avalon-Manor.com. The Avalon Manor Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/avalonmanor will be updated as well. Please reach out to your Avalon Manor friends and ask for their support and direct them to the website and Facebook page. With a vast majority of owners located elsewhere we need to work together to network with all Avalon Manor property owners to ensure Middle Township knows we are united! Also, there are funding options to be explored as state and federal grant money may be able available. Middle Township has a person dedicated to writing grants. We know this scheduled meeting will be a challenge for many but please consider that Avalon Manor’s identity (and value) is defined by our proximity to the intercoastal waterway and access to the back bays. That access is in jeopardy. It is very important you RSVP to one of the following individuals as we prepare for the meeting. Thank you and we look forward to updating you further.

FOR YOUR BENEFIT: We are taking on the very time consuming task of updating the AMIA resident directory. You will receive a copy when completed. To ensure it’s accurate and useful, please send any information that needs to be updated to shan617@gmail.com or complete the online form. The updated information needed includes any changes in property ownership, name, address (Avalon Manor and second address), phone number and email.


Chip French
President, AMIA

Tom Dwyer
Chairman, AMIA Dredging Committee

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  • Tom & Mary Jo Russo says:

    I am fully behind your efforts to dredge Sterbeck Harbor. It is no longer a necessity, it is an emergency. We were promised at a meeting in Avalon, three years ago, that the dredging would be done then.

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